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Silver Mirror Acrylic Sheet

Silver Mirror Acrylic Sheet

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These beautiful 1/8th (3mm) mirrored extruded acrylic sheets are perfect for use in your laser cutting and engraving machines, CNC Routing machines, Glowforge, Aeon, Mira, Flux Beamo, and more! Sheets are approximately 12" x 19" so they are the perfect size for your Glowforge or similarly sized laser cutter. These acrylic sheets have a mirror finish on one side and an unfinished side. They are masked with clear masking film to protect the finish. Please make sure you removed the masking before cutting.




Approximately 12" x 19" x 1/8" (.125")

- +/- 10% variation in overall thickness of material, length, and width of material


Extruded Acrylic/PMMA

Surface Finish

One side is Mirrored

One side is unfinished

Masking Type

Clear masking film. Please remeber to remove the film before cutting

Additional Information

The photo posted is made to most accurately reflect how the acrylic looks in person, the actual product coloration/patterns may vary.

Agibo Acrylic sheets are great for making jewelry, Keychains, cake toppers, home decor, signs, retail displays, visual communications, and more!

Cutting Techniques: Laser, CNC Router, Table Saw, Scroll Saw, Jeweler's Saw

Glowforge Settings

Use PG medium (1/8") blue for all mirror. Due to the reflective nautre of mirrored acrylic, It is recommended that you apply a paper masking before lasering,

* Always run a test cut! Settings can vary between machines, even if they are the same model. Use these settings as a starting point and adjust accordingly


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