Agibo Acrylics and Laser Supplies is a family run Canadian company located in the Saskatchewan prairies. When purchasing from us, you can be ensured your items will be shipped from within Canada. so you will receive your items promptly and there won't be any additional surprise fees.  

In 2021, we decided to start a small business making items with a Glowforge. We quickly realized how difficult it was to get a variety of materials that were suitable for a small laser within Canada. Most Canadian suppliers do not make acrylics that are suitably sized, and cutting them down isn't an option for everyone. Many popular non-Canadian suppliers do not even ship to Canada, and when they do it can be very costly and difficult to determine if you will end up paying additional fees.

With that in mind, we started to curate the best acrylics we could find and Agibo Acrylic and Laser Supply was born.

Our goal is to help other small Canadian businesses by making laser supplies more accessible to them and to provide a positive shopping experience.

Fun Fact: Agibo is what our son calls our daughter because he can't say her real name yet!